Alvaro R.G. & Nuria B.R. – Buyers of a Home in Palacio Del Mar, Carmel Valley

“We met Kevin and Diane at an open house in Carmel Valley as we were trying to learn about the housing market in the area.  We just moved from Europe and needed a guiding hand to know where to look or how the process of buying a home worked in the U.S.  Kevin and Diane were simply perfect.

We told Kevin and Diane what we wanted in a home and what our budget was, and they showed us everything that matched our requirements.  Since they knew Carmel Valley so well, they were able to quickly guide us through all of the choices, which rather quickly led us to our new home.  It is a very competitive market in San Diego, so we had to position and present our offer quickly and properly in order to have it accepted.  We competed against 3 other buyers but thankfully we had our bid accepted!  One of the main reasons our offer was retained, as I then learnt, had a lot to do with the fact that Kevin and Diane have a strong reputation for getting things done in a professional and impeccable fashion.  I see now why this was so important for the seller’s agent.

Our deal has a couple of complexity layers since we had just sold our home in Belgium and had to coordinate that closing and this one, getting international wires sent, getting financial documents translated and coordinating all with escrow and my lender.  Kevin and Diane handled it all and guided us through the entire process, dealt with our bank here in the US, and efficiently ironed out any complexities.  We closed on our beautiful new home on-time, and we couldn’t be happier.

Kevin and Diane are an experienced husband-and-wife Realtor team who we highly recommend to anyone looking buy a home in San Diego.  Thank you, Kevin & Diane!  You are outstanding!”

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Ying L., Herman W. & Weiping L. – Buyers of a Home in Portico, Pacific Highlands Ranch-Carmel Valley, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane are the BEST realtors we could have hoped for. We had heard friends who told us to not use a traditional agent or use the seller’s agent, but we can positively say my friends have missed out. The realtors’ job is not only to find you a house, the bulk of their work lies in the escrow process.
After going through the process we now know why it is so important to find a realtor who has your best interest in mind especially in escrow. We can’t thank Kevin and Diane enough for the work they have done us.

My initial goal was to find an agent who is aggressive so we can get a good deal. Being a New Yorker, Kevin definitely know what it means to be aggressive. Not only did he get us a GREAT deal, he constantly communicated with our loan officer, home inspector, and even their connections to make sure everything is done on a timely manner and in a way that’s best for us.
Diane has great instincts and can read between the lines in knowing what people want. She knew right away what we were looking for in a house and her intuitiveness certainly played a big part when you try to guess what the sellers think and want.

The two of them combined truly made a great team. Buying house is an emotional adventure. Kevin and Diane always tried make sure that EACH of us is completely comfortable with every decision. They never rushed us in buying a house or after the purchase unless it was to make sure things get done before deadlines to ensure timely closing. They both always did more than we we could ever think of and asked for.
If a problem ever arises, they will make many calls and come up with multiple solutions before they present them to us. Some realtors push buyers to agree with conditions seller set forth to ensure a hassle-less closing. They are not ones to shy away from problems and that confirmed to us that they were truly acting on our interests. When there was repairs needed with the home they were the ones that asked the professionals tough questions so that we feel 100% comfortable with the way things are done.

The two of them are impeccably organized and responsive. Even if I emailed late a night, I know I will count on hearing from them the same night or first thing early morning. They can do twice as many things as one and they will do them twice as fast!

If you are still looking for realtors. Stop searching and give them a call. You will not be disappointed.

买房后才知道找到自己喜欢的房子才是最简单的一步。 可能任何一个人都可以做到这一点。 因为你可能比他们还更快的看到你喜欢你的房子, 让他们带你去就可以。

其实最考验他们的从开价开始。 Kevin and Diane 帮我们争取到了一个很好的价钱。他们不会因想把deal 做成敷衍你, 催你, 去让你们轻易答应卖主的反馈。 他们不怕问题, 有了问题不会遮掩, 会诚实的告知并且以提供好几个方案去解决问题。 他替我们”质问”了seller, home inspector 很多连我们想不到的问题。 他们对顾客有百分百的尊重, 他们希望你对每一个做的选择都没有疑虑。

如果你买房不想要压力 请找Kevin and Diane! 如果你想要找随叫随到的经济, 请找Kevin and Diane!! 如果你需要一对可以帮住你争取权益的经济,请找Kevin and Diane!!!”

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Fred J. and Anna O. – Buyers of a Home in Carmel Valley, San Diego

“5 stars in five different categories cannot begin to describe Kevin and Diane’s service. cTheir astute professionalism and dedication is deserving of so much more than a single Zillow review can provide.

Kevin and Diane’s commitment to my wife and I, as we went through the process of purchasing our first home, remained tangible as we navigated the wilds of the San Diego County real estate market over the course of more than a year.

My reticence to immediately entering the market after six year overseas eventually gave way after Kevin and Diane led us through multiple showings, shared detailed insight on location, property history, and home inspections. cTheir attentiveness and patience was never once underscored by even a hint of frustration as we moved forward through the process of creating an offer, and in some cases counter offers, on various properties throughout the San Diego metro area over the course of that year.

Nothing short of perfect, Kevin and Diane provide a service beyond compare. cTheir expertise, thought, dedication, and results oriented focus are the gold standard which so many strive to achieve, but so few actually do. Kevin and Diane meet this standard and set the bar even higher.”

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Scott O. – Seller of a Home in Torrey Hills, Carmel Valley, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane were fantastic throughout the entire process.  Both were extraordinarily responsive, and their knowledge of the area and thoughtful guidance from start to finish allowed us to achieve a top-dollar sale of our home–even while other similar homes in the immediate neighborhood continue to struggle to find a buyer.  Additionally, their willingness to shepherd along maintenance and repair projects was invaluable to us, especially given our busy schedules.  Overall, it would have been absolutely impossible for us to get the results we did without their help.  I recommend them without qualification.”

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Yun S. & Santosh S. – Buyers of a Home in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego

“We recently purchased a house in San Diego. Being new to California having moved recently from East Coast purchasing a house in the expensive Southern California market was not something we were looking forward to. But we are very glad to have run into Kevin and Diane through my companies relocation program. Kevin and Diane are experts in the San Diego and Orange County real estate market. Aside from their expertise as realtors we also found them to be extremely responsive with timely scheduling of showings that always fit our busy schedules but also always ready with helpful suggestions via phone and email (even at odd hours and weekends). A very dependable team. I strongly recommend them as realtors if you are interested in buying selling or renting in the extremely competitive So Cal real estate market. We are glad to have used their services.”

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Adam H. & Sean F. – Buyers of a New Custom Home in Mission Hills, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane have redefined the standard for service in real estate. Their approach reflects a solid grasp of the fundamentals of the business supported by a keen understanding of the trends and other fluctuating nuances that affect any given transaction. The Cummins are professional and attentive to even the smallest of details, protective of their clients, and the extra mile is their standard distance. In our case, it was more like 1,000 miles. They navigate new territory with ease and have an uncanny ability to read and work with parties on all levels of the friendly and cooperative scales. Perhaps what is most worth noting, though, is that Kevin and Diane do all of this with such genuine kindness and care. Having such positive energy infused into the process made a crucial difference in our transaction and, along with everything else above, is the reason we would recommend them without hesitation to anyone who may be considering their services.”

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Donna and Jack B. – Buyers of a Home in Carmel Valley, San Diego

“Purchasing a second home from 3,000 miles away seemed an insurmountable task…..Kevin and Diane to the rescue! We have purchased many homes and have never had the responsiveness, immediate availability, and attention to detail and support system with which Kevin and Diane treat their clients. EVERY text or phone call answered timely, every step in our journey outlined so as to never miss a beat ….always professional and able to address problems head-on with ease. They are extremely knowledgeable in this area as well as knowing most everything one would need i.e., mortgage info, contractors, how to fulfill all requirements, and knowing how to close the deal! Although we are certain we were not their only clients at the time, we always felt like we were!”

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Robert & Ann M. – Buyers of a Home in Carlsbad, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane are the perfect real estate team. They are skilled masters of the real estate business. Not only were they extremely patient with us in helping us identify the perfect home, they also helped us navigate the seemingly endless stream of paperwork associated with homebuying in the 21st century. Wow! We thought that we would never finish completing forms and documents, but they explained every segment of the documents in detail. We feel very fortunate in finding Kevin and Diane and will recomment them to anyone looking for real estate in San Diego County. Thanks, Kevin and Diane for sticking with us!”

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Tim & Christina S. – Buyers of a Home in Rancho San Diego, El Cajon, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane are in an elite class of real estate professionals.  They recently helped us find a single-family home in Rancho San Diego after helping us sell our Condo.  Let me state this as clearly as possible: Kevin and Diane are amazing at what they do.  They are available, kind, patient, knowledgeable, and tenacious with the details.  If you work with them, they won’t stop until they do their absolute best to walk you through every phase of the process.  We knew what we wanted (big house, good size yard, great schools etc.) and after several trips out looking at homes all over San Diego County (Seriously we were in Poway, Rancho Penasquitos, Bonita, Chula Vista, and a couple a places between) I mentioned that I was sorry we were making them travel everywhere because we weren’t sure what location would work for us.  Kevin calmly replied that they were in this with us for the “long haul” and they would help us find the right home for US even if it took a year and we had to look at 100 homes. No pressure from their end what so ever.

When it came to negotiating for the home we absolutely fell in love with, Kevin’s strategy held us back from possibly blowing up the deal and in the end got OUR Rancho San Diego home and it appraised for more than what we offered.  Thanks Kevin and Diane! OK, STOP reading this review and call them right now…leave a message if it’s after hours.  You will be so glad you did! I know WE are!”

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Tim & Christina S. – Sellers of a Home in Golden Hill, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane recently handled the sale of our Condo in Golden Hill. They are a fantastic team and compliment each other in covering ALL the bases of a real estate transaction. They are very easy to work with and we always enjoyed our interactions with them. We were confident that they had OUR best interests in mind through every step of the deal. If you want to go into a real estate transaction and have the best, most professional team in your corner…then Kevin and Diane are an excellent choice. They were spot on with their market analysis, comps, and helping us get to the right offering price. We had multiple offers on our property and we received our top dollar price. They always provided the pros and cons of each decision and spend considerable time explaining costs/benefits of each. If you are considering buying or selling a home or condo, call or email them…you won’t regret it! Thanks Kevin & Diane!

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Shikha M. & Shibin P. – Buyers of a Home in Carmel Valley, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane Cummins recently helped us through the process of buying our first home. As first time home buyers, we were naturally intimidated when we started the process and to add to that, we had also heard from colleagues and friends about how painful and stressful the process can be. However, Diane and Kevin made the whole experience fun, instructive and memorable. Never once did we feel like we were on our own – Kevin and Diane helped and guided us the entire way!

They both have a strong understanding of the market and helped us make a fair but competitive bid on our house. Kevin and Diane were always available whenever we wanted to talk or had a question about anything. In addition, they gave us great recommendations for our lender, home inspector, home warranty company and even house cleaning and furniture repair! Not only were we 100% blown away by their expertise and knowledge, they were able to make us feel as if we were their first priority, and they displayed a genuine interest in assisting us in every way possible. They went above and beyond in coordinating our lender/escrow company/home inspection and communication with the sellers, making sure nothing was left to chance.

They care deeply about their clients, and it is extremely evident that finding the perfect home specific to the family is their first priority. We would recommend them to all of our family and friends in the area, and we will definitely be keeping them on speed dial for the future! By working with Diane and Kevin, you’ll not only have great agents, you will also gain two great friends as well! buying.”

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Chengzhi L. and Hongxia F. – Buyers of a Home in Carmel Valley, San Diego

“We just closed a house with the help of Kevin & Diane. It is a very pleasant experience. Kevin & Diane ‘s excellent negotiation skills and masterful process expertise made this transaction smooth and successful. Also, they are very considerate. They really cares about whether the house is what the buyers want in heart and whether they will be all happy with the house buying.”

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Ryan F. & Chelsea S. – Buyers of a Home in Encinitas, CA

“My wife and I just closed escrow on our first home and could not have been more happy with our choice of Kevin and Diane as our agents! Both Kevin and Diane spent a lot of time with us educating us throughout the entire process and really made sure we understood and were comfortable with every small detail along the way. Through the process, they were able to quickly gain our trust and really made the process smooth and painless.

We were in a tough spot being a first time/financed home buyer, looking for a single family home in Encinitas, in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country. We came in with the expectations that we had a difficult (some told us impossible) task at hand, given our price range, but Kevin and Diane really stepped up for us, as we competed in multiple offer situations, and ultimately helped us reach our goal and find a home that we could not be happier with.

Additionally, with Kevin and Diane working together as a team, this really gave us a big advantage over other buyers in this market. We had situations where we had a matter of hours to get offers in on desirable properties that would sell in a matter of days on the market. They managed to work with us on a buzzer beater offer on short notice where Kevin was with us at the property showing it to us for the first time while Diane was back at the office drafting up an offer. We were able to see the home and get an offer in, in the period of about an hour, and managed to get our offer in just as the deadline for offers closed… this is something we would never have been able to do without a team effort from Kevin and Diane. Moreover, their availability and response time exceeded our expectations; if one of them was tied up with another appointment, the other would jump right in and ensure we were receiving quick responses and updates.

We wouldn’t think twice about using Kevin and Diane again for any future real estate transactions and will certainly be sure to recommend them to our family and friends. Thank you again for all your help Kevin and Diane! – Ryan & Chelsea”

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Jessie F. & Sylvain C. – Buyers of a Home in Escondido, San Diego, CA

“We wanted to take some of our time today to detail our experience working with Kevin and Diane and to express our gratitude for all the hard work they had to put in for us to find our dream home – for a second time! We worked with Kevin and Diane in the past to find the perfect newlywed home. Now that family has been expanding, we decided to turn to them again to find the perfect family home….with more land and a view! We are very picky clients with a long list of must haves. Kevin and Diane set up a search for us using their search engine, and also helped us with our own search to have access to all available homes in San Diego and vicinity. They were very patient, showing us MULTIPLE houses, until we found THE ONE!

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Jessie F. & Sylvain C. – Sellers of a Home in Scripps Ranch, San Diego, CA

“They are very experienced and knowledgeable, and walked us through the buying process with clarity and organization. Their exceptional work did not stop there. They also were able to sell our current house in record time (36 hours on the market), what allowed to us to use the proceeds of the sale for the purchase of our new house. The handling of both transactions simultaneously required A LOT of work and planning to ensure a timely closing. Throughout the process, they were always available to answer any questions we may have had and to orchestrate the numerous steps required for the transactions to be successful and complete. They never dropped the ball. They never acted as sales people pushing to seal deals. They have always listened to us, offering pieces of advice, and let us make the decisions at our own pace. If you are looking for professional and exceptional realtors, do not look any further: Kevin and Diane are the ones you can trust to make your real estate dream come true! them.”

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Carola L. – Trustee and Seller of a Home in Oceanside, San Diego, CA

“I was selling a duplex in an over 55 community. I am the trustee of a property of an elderly woman that needed to go into a skilled care facility. Since the property was not owned by me, I was not familiar with its history. Kevin and Diane were able look the property over and provide me with suggestions on repairs and improvements that needed to be made before the sale. They had contacts for a variety of craftspeople in the area that were reasonably priced and reliable. We were then able to list the property and get a very good price for the home. Kevin went over to the property many times to ensure work had been done when I was unable to do so. They worked with me before, during and after the sale to ensure the entire transaction went smoothly. I was very impressed that even when I had an issue after the property sold, they helped me resolve issue. Kevin and Diane kept me up to date during the entire process and I would highly recommend them.”

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Elizabeth L. – Buyer & Seller of a Home in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego

“I moved to California in 2009 and decided to purchase my first home. As a single, 26 year old woman at the time, I was a little nervous about the entire process. I found Kevin through USAA, and he was just fantastic. Knowledgable, confident, pleasant, and quite funny, I could not have dreamed for a better real estate agent, especially for my first home purchase. A few years later, I had some issues with my HOA regarding termites in my condo and an infestation in the common areas of the building. After battling the HOA for a few months with no resolution, I called Kevin for some advice. He was eager to help, both from a real estate agent’s standpoint and from a friend’s standpoint. (The building was eventually fumigated after emailing the CEO of the HOA directly.)

In late 2014 I contacted Kevin, to let him know that I wanted to put my condo on the market and to see if he would list it for me. Again, he was happy to assist. At the time, I was a few months shy of my End of Active Service date from the Marine Corps and was preparing to move back to Massachusetts, so I was eager to sell condo quickly. Kevin and Diane could not have done a better job. We listed the property and had multiple offers within a few days. I ended up accepting an offer that was above list price and we closed in a few weeks. The entire process went flawlessly and it was an absolute pleasure working with Kevin and Diane. Kevin is a very hard-working, trustworthy, and experienced agent and I would recommend him to anyone.”

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Sonia and Randy B. – Buyers of a Home in Mission Valley, San Diego

“We were very fortunate to have Diane and Kevin help us buy a condo. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, very patient. Their organization skills are superb. They took their time to assess what we were looking for, helped us filter our choices, and scheduled the tours in detail. Their website is very user friendly and it provides very clear information of houses available in the market. Diane would put together folders with the list and a picture of our choices. She would schedule the route for the tours, the rides from the airport, lunch breaks, and helped plan the next steps. During the tours, Kevin would tell us what to look for. He would mention things that didn’t look right, and would patiently listen to our concerns. We felt that we could rely on him. We trusted that he really wanted the best for us. He advocated for us when needed. They both went out of their way to ease stressful times. They put a personal touch in their work. I highly recommend Kevin and Diane to anyone looking for genuine, expert, and trusting professionals to help navigate the stressfull real estate market.”

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Landry F. & Elaine A. – Buyers of a Home in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, CA

“Kevin and his wife, Diane, live in San Diego. I was looking for a home in the greater Los Angeles/Orange County area. Not only were they willing to travel up to where I was in Los Angeles multiple times a week during our search, but there were even times when we ended up canceling appointments or had them come back up to my location the SAME day just to view a potential home. In doing all of this work they maintained an incredible level of professionalism and integrity. At no point in my working with them did I ever feel like I was missing out on a property or I wasn’t up to speed with the market. They were informative and knowledgeable on all aspects of the home search. Wonderful people. Diligent Workers. Fully trustworthy. It took me two years to finally find a home and I worked with multiple brokers before I met the Cummins. You WILL NOT find any others like them. 110% Satisfied!”

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Mike S. and Erin C. – Buyers of a Home in Solana Beach

“It was truly a wonderful experience to work Diane and Kevin Cummins. We have never met such a professional, kind, and hard working team! From the moment we met, we felt that we were being taken care of above and beyond what is required from a realtor. The genuine thoroughness, the follow through, the care.

When purchasing our new home, the due diligence and persistence they brought, exemplified how much their job means to them, and how much they enjoy what they do! Not only did they know how to handle a million dollar deal with the utmost professionalism, but they made us feel like their only clients.

They wrote a brilliant bio letter for the seller which helped us get our dream home. The constant followup with the bank regarding all loan details put us at ease; as we had complete confidence in them. Diane and Kevin were very thoughtful: cleaning the home for a flawless move in, offering to be there for deliveries and appointments that we could not attend because we were out of state: we trust them completely. They work so well together and it was a true joy and honor to have met them; we are extremely grateful! We highly recommend them and will be using them again!”

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Ricky T. and Linh Chi N. – Buyers of a Home in Scripps Ranch

“We are very happy to have Kevin and Diane Cummins work with us throughout the entire process. Kevin and Diane were professional, conscientious, and motivated. They had significant experience and knowledge of the market and were quite knowledgeable of San Diego area. They were very helpful in guiding us in setting an acceptable price and setting up to see open houses. They were prompt in following up on every detail. In finalizing all the detail work involved in closing the deal and completing the contracts, they were very helpful and were always on top of all closing requirements. Without their efforts, we would not be able to purchase our home. We highly recommend Kevin and Diane Cummins to anyone looking for highly effective and reliable real estate agents. Thank you again :)”

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Rosa & Carlos E. – Buyers of a Home in Oceanside, San Diego, CA

“We were downsizing and looking for a home in a particular area. We found Kevin & Diane through a listing we were interested in, but that had gone into escrow. Because of his mild demeanor and attention to detail, we decided to have them help us find a suitable home and they did! They understood what we needed and were not pushing us to make just any purchase. They showed us all the homes we wanted to see and they made insightful comments to help us make a decision. Then, they negotiated the best deal possible for us. They walked us through the purchase process and patiently answered all our questions, responding to us even late into the evening. We are so delighted with their services that we intend to use them again for other real estate transactions.”

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Lucy M. – Buyers of a Home in Carmel Mountain Ranch, San Diego, CA

“Kevin and Diane Cummins helped me purchase my first home, a condo in Carmel Mountain Ranch. Their knowledge and professionalism thru the process made each step go smoothly. They guided me thru and answered all my questions. They made the experience a positive one! – Lucy Mannarino”

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Keri A. – Seller of a Home in Scripps Ranch, San Diego, CA

“I can’t say enough how great Kevin and Diane are to work with. They are dependable, honest, and make the whole process manageable. They always answered emails and calls in a timely manner. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else!”

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Sophia L. – Seller of a Home in Del Mar Trails, Carmel Valley

“Kevin is a excellent and knowledgeable individual who knows how to handle all your property transactions with buyer and seller professionally.

He represented me, the seller, negotiated with the seller’s agent and processed counter offer after counter offer by 6 times re-writing and correcting them. He is not only a licensed realtor but a J.D. too!

He always return your phone calls and communicated through email or texting. And it was very convenient “E-Signing” important documents during the transactions at your computer without physically going Escrow company back and forth.”

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Joe M. – Seller of a Home in BayHo, Western Clairemont, San Diego

“I recently worked with Kevin and Diane Cummins to sell my condo in San Diego and couldn’t be happier with the way they do business. This is the second time I’ve worked with Kevin and Diane (the first time was in 2011 when I bought the condo) and both experiences were very positive. They treat you more like a friend than a client and do an excellent job of keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening with your home. Throughout the process they were HONEST, CONCERNED, and INVOLVED. As a first-time home buyer in 2011, they were very helpful in providing guidance and answering any questions that I had. I ended up buying my condo for what I thought was a great price, and I really loved the condo while I owned it.

Earlier this year (2014) I was re-assigned to Pearl Harbor so I contacted Kevin about putting the condo up for sale. This time it was a bit more challenging because I was already in Pearl Harbor when the selling process began, but Kevin and Diane really did take care of everything. I was able to get a great price for my condo without ever being in San Diego thanks to Kevin and Diane. My advice to anyone looking to buy or sell a home: hire Kevin and Diane Cummins. Moreover, listen to what they have to say, because they know the real estate industry and will not let you down. Bottom Line: I’ve worked with Kevin and Diane twice now as both a buyer and a seller and would work with them again in a second.”

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Matt B. and Beth K. – Sellers of a Home in Del Sur and Buyers of a Home in Carlsbad

“I rarely give 5 stars for anything, but Kevin and Diane definitely deserve 5 stars across the board! My wife and I recently used Kevin and Diane for both selling our old home and buying our new home in the San Diego area. Kevin and Diane were fantastic, and we HIGHLY recommend them.

Let’s face it – buying and selling a house can be really stressful. It helps a lot to have a great team, and that is what we got with Kevin and Diane. From our first meeting to closing on our new home, they were outstanding… going above and beyond when issues popped up, being involved in every step and keeping constant communication with us, helping us understand the piles of paperwork , and knowing the San Diego area very well.

Beyond this, Kevin and Diane are extremely enjoyable to work with. We actually started looking forward to those long days of looking for the right home. They always have your best interest in mind, and also are extremely straight-forward and honest. Something you don’t always find with real estate agents.

In the end, we got our dream home and couldn’t be happier. Looking back on all the stress of trying to sell and buy a house at the same time, I can’t imagine doing it without Kevin and Diane. If you are looking for a real estate agent who will go the extra mile, is extremely responsive, and is enjoyable to work with, then look no further!”

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Richard A. and Carolyn M. – Buyers of a Home in Bayshore, Carmel Valley

“Kevin and Diane helped us buy a new home after relocating to San Diego from out-of-state. They introduced us to the various neighborhoods in the area and we were able to quickly identify where we wanted to buy a home. Whenever we had questions about schools, comps, etc., they always had answers- and the data to back their answers! In addition, they were always available to talk and answer our questions, whether it was putting together an offer on a house in the evening, or answering questions about the closing process during the holiday break. Their availability and responsiveness put us at ease through out the process. We’d recommend Kevin and Diane to other home buyers in the San Diego area!”

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Scott H. and Jing Y. – Buyers of a Home in Tierrasanta, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane are great real estate professionals. They have great customer service skills and communicate with their clients very well. They are very responsive, they know their markets, they know the economic trends. With Kevin’s background in law, they also know and understand the legal aspect of real estate. They know how to negotiate and always have their client’s best interest.

They helped me buy a condo back in 2012, when there was dwindling inventory and rising prices for properties in San Diego. They gave me great advice, helped me navigate through all the nuances of buying and selling real estate. They provided and guided me with the strategies to purchase the condo that my wife and I have been looking for. We are very happy with our investment.

My wife and I are glad to have Kevin and Diane be on our team. I would not think twice to acquire their service in any future. I highly recommend Kevin and Diane to anyone with real estate needs.”

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Wes and Prudence P. – Sellers of a Home in Eureka Springs, Escondido

“After dealing with another realtor with limited results, I was referred to Kevin and Diane and within a few weeks we had an offer. Both Kevin and Diane were professional and responsive to our needs regarding the closing process. I highly recommend Kevin and Diane if you are looking to purchase or sell your home in the San Diego area.”

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Sandy and Scott B. – Buyers of a Home in Rancho Bernardo

“Kevin and Diane gave us detailed guidance on what the fair market value of the homes we placed offers on. Both Kevin and Diane were not pushy and very sincere. Kevin was very responsive and considerate of our needs helped us through the entire closing process. We would highly recommend Kevin and Diane to anyone looking to purchase a home in San Diego.”

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Bill and Rosalyn H. – Sellers of a Home in Scripps Ranch

“We used Kevin as our realtor when we bought our Scripps Ranch condo and when we decided to sell we knew we would use him again. He’s full of knowledge and available all the time. Sold our place with multiple offers in just 2 days. He’s our realtor for life. Could not have had a more positive experience both times.”

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Christine C. – Seller of a Short Sale in Rancho Bernardo

“I was in a very difficult situation with my condo where a foreclosure seemed inevitable unless the property was sold immediately. I gave Kevin and Diane the listing and within 17 days we had an all-cash offer; the property closed within 30 days of that offer. This would not have been possible if it had not been for Kevin’s calm negotiating skills and sales savvy, and Diane’s impeccable organizational skills, in a very difficult real estate market. Thank you, Kevin and Diane.”

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Erik Taiji – Loan Officer, VP of Mortgage Lending, Guaranteed Rate Mortgage

“In my profession I come in contact with numerous real estate agents on a daily basis. I would rank Kevin and Diane near the top of that list of realtors when it comes to their client coverage and care. At every step, from the opening of the escrow through the closing of the home, they were involved, communicative, and responded immediately to my requests. I conveyed to our mutual clients how lucky they were to have chosen Kevin and Diane for representation.”

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Sam Baugh – Loan Officer, VP of Home Loans, Wells Fargo Private Banking

“Kevin and Diane are 5 star agents across the board. They really care about their clients and that shows with their attention to detail. I have the utmost respect for their work ethic and negotiation skills. Their knowledge of the San Diego market and conditions sets them apart from other agents.”

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Cathlyn B. and Praveen N. – Buyers of a Home in Carmel Mountain Ranch

“Kevin and Diane are great to work with! They take the effort to try to understand what kind of a home you’re looking for and make sure you don’t have to settle for less. They work hard, negotiate well and make sure you get a fair price!”

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Ginny & Kim B. – Buyers of a Home in Rancho Bernardo

“My husband and I were new to the San Diego area when we started looking for a home. I contacted Kevin after seeing his website. He responded to my call immediately. At the time we began looking for a home, there weren’t many houses for sale on the market compared to the amount of buyers. We had to move quickly once we found a house we wanted to see, otherwise, it would already be sold. Kevin and Diane understood this and worked together to make sure one of them was available for us on our schedule. Kevin and Diane know this market so well and kept us up-to-date with all market data and trends. They are not only fantastic people but the best real estate professionals we’ve ever worked with. I never had to worry and felt they were always looking out for our best interests. They understood what we were looking for and we were all so excited when we found the perfect house for us. My husband and I highly recommend Kevin and Diane to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home. You are doing yourself a disservice if you work with anyone other than Kevin and Diane!”

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Frieda & Todd N. – Buyers of a Home in Shadowridge, Vista

“Kevin and Diane are the dynamic duo in real estate. They put their clients first; they sensed my needs, even those I didn’t even know I had yet, and acted promptly. I have a general disdain for the entire home buying process; the upheaval of moving, the monetary negotiations, the minutia of closing the escrow, and working with them made the experience much less traumatic. At the end of the exhausting process I look back and honestly can say they left no stone unturned in representing my interests. I give them my wholehearted recommendation.”

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Bill and Rosalyn H. – Sellers of a Scripps Ranch Home

“We used Kevin as our realtor when we bought our Scripps Ranch home and when we decided to sell, we knew we would use him again. He’s full of knowledge and available all the time. Sold our place with multiple offers in just 2 days. He’s our realtor for life. Could not have had a more positive experience both times.”

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Pamela S. – Investor/Buyer of a Home in Scripps Ranch

“I got a great deal on an investment home purchase thanks to Kevin.  If it weren’t for him I would have never purchased and have the great return on investment that I do with the property I bought from him.  If I could get another deal as good as the one I bought from Kevin I would in a heart beat.  It has worked out so well and he is very good at what he does!  Thanks Kevin!”

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Dale and Marissa L. – Buyers of a Home in Rancho Bernardo

“Kevin and Diane were amazing to work with.  As first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions, no clear direction and zero real estate experience.  Kevin and Diane made us feel comfortable every step of the process.  We never felt pressured or persuaded on any of our decisions.  They exceeded our expectations with their professionalism and quality of service.  Kevin and Diane are “good people” and I always knew that they had my best interest in mind.  If things do not work out with the new house, I will not think twice about contacting them in the future.

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Mae L. – Seller of a Home in Rancho Bernardo
“After so many months trying to sell my property I did not get one offer. Luckily, I called Kevin Cummins and I was thrilled with his honest, experienced professionalism. Kevin is trustworthy, a good listener and is always watching out for his client’s interests. He is not afraid to step out of the box to help make a transaction close….

He is people-oriented and knows how to solve problems in order to accomplish the desired goals of his clients. He knows the rules and real estate laws which was very helpful in keeping the deal on track to close. Thanks again Kevin. Your help is much appreciated.”
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Mavis B. and Family – Buyers of a Home in Carmel Valley
“As buyers in a rather complicated transaction involving a short sale and a 1031 exchange, Kevin helped us every step of the way. Being under a time constraint, we found that Kevin was available to promptly answer our many questions either by cell phone, email or in person. We appreciate his honesty, professionalism, and the tremendous time and effort he put forth in helping us close escrow on time. We would highly recommend Kevin as an agent who would “go the extra mile” for his client. Thank you Kevin!”
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Tanya M., Seller and Buyer of Two Carmel Valley Homes
“Do you want drama? Watch Desperate Housewives. Do you want to see something looovely? Go to a museum.

But if you want efficiency and results? Kevin and Diane are your best bet. They offer sound advice when you need some; they listen, they never pressure. Kevin and Diane provide you with the highest level of expertise (rare) and unquestionable loyalty (even more rare). Kevin’s analytical skills, Diane’s persistence, and their shared positive attitude warrant successful real estate transactions. D&K make a great team: their areas of expertise perfectly complement one another.

Do not worry about missing a signature…Diane will read even the most boring document and unearth your mistake. Do not worry about short sale pitfalls…Kevin’s extensive legal knowledge will guide you through long-winded bureaucracy. And if or when things get tense – D&K will not pass the stress on to you. How do I know? They helped me both sell one house and buy another. I could not have wished for better agents.”
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Gaurav & Rashmi P. – Buyers of a Home in Rancho Bernardo
“Hi Kevin, I should have written this long ago! My first-time homebuyer credit refund just came from the IRS and I could not stop myself from writing a letter of appreciation to you for the professional services you rendered, and for thanking you for all your help in assisting us in buying our first home in the United States. I have not only found a very professional Realtor, but also a very good friend, advisor and guide in you. May God give you and Diane great success in life, happiness and prosperity.”
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Rose R. – Seller of a Malibu Beach Home
“I recently sold a luxury beach front home in Malibu. Kevin and Diane were both referring brokers and co-brokers on the sale. It was a complicated transaction and Kevin and Diane were unflinchingly available to me during the entire process. I was very well served by their complimentary personalities and skills. Kevin, as a former real estate attorney, walked me through the detailed documents involved in a real estate sale from listing through escrow. His was a voice of reason during the negotiations and Diane’s attention to detail and follow up kept the process moving efficiently. It was at Diane’s urging that I staged the house and I think that was the turning point that resulted in the final sale….

Diane and Kevin are honest, earnest, straight-forward people. They are professional, patient, respectful and an all around pleasure to work with. I was very happy with the results and Kevin and Diane’s representation. I highly recommend them to anyone selling a luxury home, or any home.”

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Keri A. – First-time Buyer in Scripps Ranch
“I was fortunate enough to be referred to Kevin through a family friend who is also my CPA. As a first time homebuyer I was concerned over finding the right Realtor who was honest, had integrity, and put my needs first over just making a “sale.” My budget placed me in a very competitive bracket of condos and townhomes that were about 80% short sales or bank-owned properties. Needless to say, I was probably the “less than ideal” client for Kevin. Even so, I was treated with the same amount of respect and significance as someone purchasing a million dollar home….

I had hundreds of questions and Kevin very patiently took the time to answer them all. He made sure I knew exactly what was going on throughout every step of the transaction. Kevin’s level of professionalism is very inspiring and a rare find in this volatile market….

I love my new condo and without Kevin’s knowledge and tenacity I would have given up the search long ago! In short, Kevin Cummins is the BEST and has the connections to get the job done. I have already began recommending him to my family and friends. THANK YOU so much Kevin, my new friend and Realtor for life!”
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Anthony & Emily M., Sellers & Buyers of Homes in Carmel Valley, SD
“It is our pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Kevin and Diane Cummins. In early 2012, my wife and I began the process of selling our primary residence as we searched for a new house to purchase. Kevin and Diane were there to help every step along the way.

Selling a house can be a stressful and emotional experience. Kevin and Diane provided us with an immense amount of support throughout the process. They guided us through much more than just the “technical aspects” of selling a house, such as getting it listed and handling paperwork. Kevin and Diane designed and executed a strategy to maximize our chances of success that included marketing, staging of the house, coordination of open houses, among other things. Thanks to their planning and efforts we received two offers on the day of our very first open house and reached an agreement with the buyer two days later for just under our asking price. We couldn’t have asked for a smoother home sale.

We began our search for a new home in parallel with the sale of our primary residence. Kevin and Diane proved to have deep knowledge of existing and new homes in the areas we were targeting. They showed great patience as we visited numerous potential houses. Their feedback as the process unfolded was invaluable in helping us to narrow down what we wanted and what we could afford. When it came time to actually make an offer, Kevin and Diane counseled us on how to approach the process, what to expect and how to be patient. In finalizing all the detail work involved in closing the transaction and completing the contracts, Kevin and Diane proved to be ever-present, inexhaustible, detail-oriented and knowledgeable.

We highly recommend Kevin and Diane to anyone looking for a highly effective and reliable real estate team.”
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Jim & Michelle A. – Buyers of a Carmel Valley Home
“Kevin & Diane – I think we spoke just days before my wife and I flew out to San Diego and you were quickly able to put together a very thorough property search that allowed my wife and I to make a very important decision in one day. We are very appreciative of your quick follow up and patience with us during the entire process. You allowed us to quickly in one day gain a perspective of the different choices and feel confident in our final decision. Thank you!”
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Igor T. – Seller of a Carmel Valley Home & Buyer of a Carmel Valley Home
“Kevin and Diane are the best real estate agents that I’ve ever had. Being highly professional, friendly, helpful, meticulous, and attentive to details, they helped me to sell my property in Carmel Valley when the real estate market was down. Later, they helped me to acquire a new property in Carmel Valley and successfully by-pass the pitfalls of buying a foreclosed home. I would recommend their services to all my friends. And if I ever need a real estate agent’s help again, they will be my first choice.

Thanks again for your help!”
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Liming and Jun S. – Sellers of a Carmel Valley Home
“Kevin and Diane are very competent realtors. They did a great job to sell our house in Carmel Valley. They worked diligently on market analysis and implemented a very effective marketing strategy. After we moved out they beautified our backyard and started open house on first weekend. Actually our house was sold in the first open house day. Since we were within the relocation program, Kevin and Diane handled all the details related to my relocation company. We are very happy with their services and outcome.”
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Michael & Gwen B. – Sellers of 2 Homes in Scripps Ranch & Buyers of a Home in Carmel Valley
“Kevin and Diane Cummins are a dynamic duo when it comes to real estate. From the day we met them, until less than 6 months later when we had bought the short sale home of dreams, and sold both our primary residence and a rental condo that had been hanging over our heads for years, Kevin and Diane were nothing but professional and friendly. They have the experience, patience, tenacity and wherewithal to get the job done. We never, at least not from them, felt any pressure to move faster than we wanted to and when things got really crazy they were always very calm and ready with the next step to be taken.

Less than six months after even contemplating a move and beginning to casually look at houses, we were settled into our fabulous new home and closing on the other two properties. We couldn’t have asked for anything more in this tough market. If you want to get the job done, the Cummins are your team!”
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Dale W. – Buyer of a Home in Rancho Bernardo
“Kevin and I first made contact by e-mail in early 2010 when I was looking for a new Realtor to continue my home search with. I had sent out e-mails to 3 different Realtors I randomly found online asking what they thought was the single most important thing I should look for in a Realtor.

Well, Kevin’s detailed response, which included: Integrity, Ethics, Honesty and Professionalism, along with a Fiduciary Responsibility to the client, were more than I had expected in a reply. And, let me say, Kevin, along with Diane, lived up to every one of those items and more.

Through many home searches, offers, and in and out of escrow, Kevin seemed committed to finding me that perfect home, which he did, as I closed escrow in April of this year (2011) on a home in Rancho Bernardo, meeting and exceeding my requirements…he even got me what he calls that “million dollar view”.

I am glad to count Kevin and Diane as my friends and was proud that they, along with my friend April, were the first to raise champagne toast on my balcony the day after closing!

It’s not often you find people the caliber of Kevin and Diane…two people who truly care about their clients and go above and beyond!

Thanks guys!”
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Benjamin & Judy T. – Buyers of Land in Fallbrook, CA
“Kevin became our Realtor last summer upon recommendation from our son. We were looking for an affordable retirement property in North San Diego County to be near family. Kevin was tireless in his search for just the right property. We searched areas from the coast to far inland, changing our search parameters almost weekly for awhile. He never failed to offer us a variety of properties to consider and offered sound advice on how to tweak our search in order to find just the right place….

After a few weeks, we had become experienced property hunters and could read between the lines in the postings, saving valuable time. Once we narrowed down our requirements, we settled on a beautiful 1.25 acre property in Fallbrook. The original house had burned down 10 years before and never been rebuilt. There were mature trees surrounding the lot, two usable outbuildings, a pool to be refurbished, friendly neighbors, and what we call our “movie star view,” 180 degrees two ridges over. The current owner lived across the country and the outbuildings were filled with personal belongings. We followed Kevin’s suggestions and our bid was accepted out of several made as soon as the property hit the listings. Kevin quickly and successfully negotiated the removal of the personal belongings and debris through the owner’s Realtor, rapidly interfaced with the escrow company and we were signing the papers within a month. Kevin was not only helpful, he is a gentleman and a dream to work with….

Now we are enjoying having our morning coffee looking out over the mountains while preparing for our new home to be completed, wondering, how did we get so lucky? We don’t think it was just luck. Thanks, Kevin.”
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Eugene K. – First-time Buyer of a Home in Carmel Valley
“Kevin Cummins is a fantastic Realtor. As a recent grad, I was really nervous about buying my first home. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Kevin did an excellent job guiding me through the whole home buying process. He was really professional and even scheduled a meeting with a CPA to help me understand the financial side of things.

I’ve been living at my new home for almost a year and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Kevin and Diane!”
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Bryan M. – Buyer of a Mission Beach Home
“Kevin Cummins is a great REALTOR and I highly recommend him. He stepped up to the plate and was the whole reason why I was able to get my house. He is very knowledgeable in the industry and knows who to talk to whens things go wrong. I was having trouble getting a loan and he spent hours on the phone calling everyone he knew to get me a loan officer that would work which eventually paid off. We were crunched for time and with only a week left he found a mortgage boker who was able to make the loan happen and fund the loan before I lost my deposit. He did an impecable job and you would be stupid to not use Kevin Cummins when buying a house.”
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Chuck & Debbie I. – Buyers of a Home in Carmel Valley
“Kevin Cummins is the best real estate agent we have had the pleasure of working with. He listened to what we were looking for and found the perfect house for us. He then worked tirelessly to make sure we were able to purchase that home. Kevin?s professionalism, diligence and persistence is unmatched and I have lost count of the number of times my wife and I have said to each other how fortunate we were to work with Kevin. In the event we ever decide to sell our house and purchase another (which I don?t expect will happen for a long, long time!), we will absolutely use Kevin again. I cannot recommend Kevin strongly enough!

Kevin ? please understand that we mean every word of the testimonial. We honestly do go around thanking our lucky stars that we were able to work with Diane and you. We love the house and the area. We really couldn?t be happier. Thank you!”
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Renee & Kyle M. – Happy Buyers of a Home in University Heights
“Kevin is really on the ball. His professionalism, attention to detail and no pressure approach did not go unnoticed. His communication is excellent, always returning an email or phone call within a day if not within the hour….

What’s great about Kevin is that he works alongside his wife Diane. So while Kevin is staying on top on the escrow officer, Diane is typing up a DocuSign for quick turnaround. You get two for the price of one. Together they are reliable, honest people. His experience as a former real estate attorney comes in handy as well….

Kevin and Diane go the extra mile. They arranged for another Realtor to show us properties when, on that rare occasion, they were both not available. This was extremely valuable to us because we found a property we liked and put an offer on it the next day, and guess what…we are now living in that property!!! Just that little extra touch made all the difference to us. We strongly recommend Kevin and Diane in the process of home buying.”
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Amanda & Pam V. and the Boys – First-time Buyers of a Home in Rancho Penasquitos
“Kevin was a pleasure to work with. He was easy, flexible and never flinched when we changed our minds about what we were looking for (no matter how often we did). We never felt pressured and always felt supported. He was eager and enthusiastic without being pushy or impatient. He always returned calls and was never late for an appointment. Kevin was professional, courteous and sincere in his desire to find the right fit for our family and still makes himself available when we have new homeowner questions. You’re a rockstar. Thanks Kevin!”
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Karen M. and Trica M. – First-time Buyers of a Home in Rancho Bernardo
“Kevin was such a pleasure to work with – not your typical pushy, salesman-like Realtor. Kevin is a down-to-earth, genuinely nice person. Being first-time homebuyers, we had lots of questions. Kevin always made sure to promptly return our phone calls and emails and took the time to fully answer our questions, even if our questions were not related to his scope of duties. For instance, Kevin contacted a lawyer when we had legal questions as well as provided us with mortgage and insurance contacts. Kevin always offered great advice, but ultimately allowed us to make our own decisions, even if it was not what he suggested….

He was always willing to support us no matter what we decided. Kevin has a lot of patience, as not only did we ask him a million questions, but we looked at lots of properties before finding the right one. Kevin never made us feel pressured to make a quick decision. Through our work with Kevin, we have not only found our dream home, but we have made a new friend.”
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Brad K. – Buyer of a New Construction Home in Hillcrest
“Kevin, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for helping make the search for my San Diego dream home a reality. Your knowledge of the San Diego area helped pinpoint both the location as well as the number of properties in which I’d be interested – saving considerable time and frustration. And once you found that dream home for me your skills as an attorney not only assisted in my understanding of all the contracts and paperwork but I believe helped in negotiating the final sales price. Thanks again for your invaluable aid that allowed me to own a piece of the paradise that is San Diego.”
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Jessie F. & Sylvain C. – Buyers of a Home in Scripps Ranch
“Kevin, thank you soooo much! You are the best!

Our fortuitous meeting at one of your open houses was truly a blessing! You have been there throughout our long house hunting journey and never let us down until we found the ONE. You have been more than helpful guiding us, and explaining to us how the market works, how to compare properties and helped make the right choice for us! You never forced your opinions on us, and always had our well-being in mind….

Your experience and background as a real estate attorney kept us away from trouble and potential nightmares. Because of you, the purchase of our first home in the US has been an easy and fun process! We definitely recommend your services to anyone looking for a professional and enjoyable real estate shopping experience.”
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Steve & Blanche W. – Buyers of a Home in Mission Valley
“Kevin, this is way overdue. We never got around to thanking you properly for all you did in helping us find a second home in San Diego. You were able to help us realize our dream. Luck was on our side when we met you at the open house. Being out of state was very challenging as we were not able to see the properties as they became available but you went the extra mile time and again to visit the properties and send us pictures as if we were physically there….

Because you were so tuned in to our needs, we were able to actually purchase our townhouse sight unseen. You always had our best interests in mind. We trusted your judgment and definitely benefited from your knowledge and expertise. We love the location and are enjoying our townhome tremendously. As they say, third time is a charm. We have worked with many other Realtors on both coasts and working with you was a joy. P.S. When are you going to be licensed in Florida?”
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Drew and Ashley S. – Short Sale Sellers in Clairemont
“My wife and I were very happy with our decision to go with Kevin and Diane. They were recommended to us by another couple that had gone through a successful short sale process with Kevin and Diane. Since they came so highly recommended and we were aware of their success, it made our decision much easier to go with them. They were both very professional, organized and made the process much easier than we had anticipated. We received an offer within a week of our house being listed and we closed our short sale within 90 days. We couldn’t have asked for a better result.”
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Michael & Jana C. – Sellers of a Short Sale in San Elijo Hills, San Marcos
“Of the 4 Real estate agents I have worked with, and the many more that have fought for my business, Kevin is by far the best. He is honest, and has a lot of integrity. He single-handedly and with a lot of grunt work moved my home through the short sale process. This is a very lengthy process, one a lot of agents don’t even want to mess with, because their commissions are decided by the lender. And usually it takes so long that the buyer just opts out ands waits for it to foreclose. Our short sale, as long as it was, was not nearly as long as most. And it actually went through!!! We were able to sell our home and be free of that horrible nightmare. One of the agents who was upset that I chose Kevin as my Realtor had 7 homes, all short sales, all with offers; and more that 9 months later the agent has not closed any of these and all the offers have been dropped. My family and I are forever grateful for Kevin and the way he handles business tirelessly and without attitude or ego. He is not only my lifelong agent but my friend….

I would recommend Kevin to anyone looking into buying or selling a home, and if you are at a complete loss and don’t know where to turn, please do what I did – turn to Kevin Cummins. I want to thank you again, Kevin, for all that you did. Compared to everyone we know, even our best friend and Coldwell Banker neighbor, you stand out as the best agent we have ever dealt with. Thank you!”
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Bill and Rosalyn H. – First-time Buyers of a Home in Scripps Ranch
“Our experience with Kevin Cummins was outstanding! Kevin is professional, knowledgeable, supportive and easy to work with. We are truly thankful for all the hard work and commitment Kevin put in to help us find the home of our dreams. There wasn’t one stressful moment we encountered during the few short months we worked with Kevin. He was available to show us every property we were interested in and sometimes at a moment’s notice. Even when we were disappointed when our first offer on a home wasn’t accepted, Kevin’s positive demeanor and personalized attention to our feelings was extraordinary. His experience in real estate and the law surely pays off! Kevin recommended that we have an inspector check out the condo we were seriously interested in purchasing even though it wasn’t required. The gentleman he referred was terrific!…

The results were near perfect, only a few recommendations were made and Kevin saw to it that they were addressed and repaired by the Seller. He went beyond our highest expectations in delivering the very best service, even after we moved in. There is no question that we will refer Kevin to our friends and family!”
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Paul and Jazel P. – Buyers of a Home in Poway
“Our family had been living in Cape Town, South Africa for three years and had decided to relocate back to San Diego. We contacted Kevin and Diane through their website and even though we had not met them when we enlisted their help in finding us a home, we felt very confident in their guidance and expertise to help us in our relocation.

Their professionalism and attention to detail in their emails when describing properties to us was brilliant. Kevin and Diane demonstrated a consistent diligence and dependability when corresponding with us regarding properties we were interested in and their quality and dependability of service never wavered even though we were separated by thousands of miles.

They were extremely helpful in helping us to short-list properties to be viewed so that when we met them in December of 2010 in San Diego, we were very appreciative of their diligence as we did not have a lot of time to view too many homes as we had to return to Cape Town within 3 weeks.

We were very happy that once again their quality, attention to detail and professionalism was never compromised at any stage of the process. We were able to find a house within three weeks and it was the house we finally bought.

Even though we had to do an “interhemispheric closing” i.e. we were on the African content in the southern hemisphere and they were in San Diego in the northern hemisphere and it went through without a hiccup or a hitch.

We truly appreciate their steadfastness, accuracy and confidence-inspiring standard of service which helped us buy our new home. We are now very happy homeowners in San Diego and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Thank you Kevin and Diane for helping us find a home for our family and our three dogs! We love our new house.”
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Alfred & Gwendolyn L. – Buyers of a Rancho Bernardo Home
“Thank you for a great home-buying experience! We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the hard work, professionalism, and attention to details that you put in our 2nd home buying experience.

We first met you in your Carmel Valley open house July 2011. For the next 12 months, due to our specific floorplan criteria that usually cannot be seen on the listings, we visited about 30 properties in the Rancho Bernardo/Penasquitos area. Although we did see multiple properties at a time, you still made quite a few trips. And you showed tremendous patience during the process.

After 3 offers to different properties were not selected, our 4th offer was accepted in June 2012. It is a short sale with 2 lenders, and we made the earnest deposit and then waited. The escrow was closed in Nov 2012, a little less than 5 months later, relatively short for a short sale. Even after the close of escrow, you continue to help for miscellenous items.

Many thanks again for your great help. We will definitely recommend your service to any of our friends.

Best regards,

Alfred & Gwen”
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Joyce K. – Seller of a Home in Carmel Valley
“Thanks for fighting so hard for me!!!! You have been the BEST! I couldn’t have asked for a better real estate person to help me.”
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Ricky T. & Linh Chi N. – Buyers of a Home in Del Mar
“We’ve dealt with several Realtors, and a majority were either under-performers, or lacked the knowledge of the market. Kevin stood far above the rest. What a pleasure it is to deal with someone who has a great heart and truly looks out for me and my family. He cares, and that makes a world of difference. Isn’t that what you want in a Realtor? We do. We would like to say thank you again Kevin for helping us find our home. Without you, this would not be possible.”
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