Are Mortgage Interest Rates Rising? 3/16/13

instant online cash loans bad credit Mortgage Interest Rates Continuing to Rise Slightly Due to Improved Unemployment Rates 1500 cash advance direct lender The national unemployment rate recently dropped from 7.9% to 7.7%. More people are being hired which helps boost the economy. All good news for sure. One result of lower unemployment and an […]

International Home Buyers Can Get Mortgages in US Too!

Living and working as REALTORs in San Diego, we meet a lot of non-US citizens who are here visiting family, working in the military community, working temporarily or just haven’t completed their US citizenship process. ┬áMany of them are interested in purchasing homes in San Diego and ask about access to loan programs for foreign […]

Short Sales Are Much Easier in CA Than They Were Since New Law Was Passed in 2011

That’s right. In 2011, the California legislature passed SB 458 that the Governor signed, which removes almost ALL liability for the unpaid principal mortgage amount that results from a short sale, called a “deficiency judgment”. Before the law was passed, short sale sellers in California who sold their home for less than was owed on […]