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Marketing your home

Marketing Your Home

Once your home has been freshened up and any repairs completed, we will start the marketing process. It begins with preparing the home to look its best – and getting ready for photos and (in most cases) a professional property video. This will likely involve some level of staging – whether it involves using what you have in your home or engaging a professional home stager. The goal is to create an emotional appealing experience to your prospective buyer when they see your home – online and in person – and to make your home stand out from other listings. The goal? To cause them to react and engage, and to pursue your home over other listings. This could involve some simple rearranging of your furniture, decorations, and curtains, and perhaps bringing in a few finishing pieces like florals, other plants, pops of color, some cushions, some prints or paintings, or changing some light bulbs. Or, it could involve more extensive staging where a professional home stager is engaged to help create a look that will immediately pull in buyers. We will assess these needs with you and we will recommend top-notch stagers if needed.

Photos & Video

Once the home has been cleaned, put together and staged, we will be ready for professional photos and a video of your home. We engage San Diego’s top photographers and videographers to make your home look its absolute best. This is the centerpiece of all marketing for your home’s listing. Have you ever seen really bad real estate photos? If so, you know how that makes you react. And I’m sure you’ve seen really attractive professionally taken photos that draw you into the home and entice you – this is what we “shoot” for. That’s why we engage the best professionals in San Diego because having great listing photos and videos is a MUST for a serious home seller who wants to get top dollar and sell quickly. Once completed, we start by loading the media in the MLS and on all other syndicated real estate websites like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc. Our marketing strategy also reaches qualified International buyers so ALL prospective buyers will know about your listing when it hits the market. We will also use it for our social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, and for print materials like newspapers, postcards and glossy marketing flyers. All good marketing starts with great photos and a great property video!