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Before and After: 4 Black-and-White Kitchen Makeovers (8 photos)

A black-and-white color palette has the advantage of being both classic and contemporary. The duality makes this popular color combo a great choice for kitchens, a space where many homeowners desire the most bang for their buck when remodeling. The high-contrast palette provides a fresh, updated look...

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10 Ideas for a Rejuvenating Summer Staycation (12 photos)

Many are stuck at home this summer, with no vacation getaway in sight. With lots of pools closed and summer camps canceled, it’s time to get creative and make special memories at home. Ideas from resorts, camps and other favorite summer places can be adapted for a staycation. See if any of these ideas...

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8 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Breezy Summer Oasis (8 photos)

Celebrate summer and enjoy those delicious weekend morning sleep-ins even more by giving your bedroom a fresh, seasonal update. Whether you are looking to tweak a few small details or embark on a major bedroom overhaul, we hope these eight ideas will spark the change you want.

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