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10 Gorgeous Sunrooms Bring In the Outdoors Year-Round (11 photos)

Light-drenched sunrooms are a welcome feature in homes and help foster an indoor-outdoor connection. These window-lined rooms are alluring at any time of the year, but in winter we’re perhaps the most likely to crave more sunlight in our homes and to dream of cozying up next to a fire while looking outdoors....

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The 5 Layers of a Well-Lit Kitchen (7 photos)

When planning a lighting scheme for a client’s kitchen, I like to think about cake. Let me explain. On my birthday, a red velvet cake always comes my way, and it includes four layers with a cherry and icing on top. Just like that cake, a well-lit kitchen should also have four layers for different lighting...

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5 Steps for Hiring Home Pros During the Pandemic (9 photos)

Last spring, the COVID-19 pandemic caused some businesses to shut down temporarily and home remodeling projects to be put on hold. But in the months since then, renovation and design projects have gotten back on track and people have learned the drill when it comes to mask wearing, physical distancing...

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Where to Carve Out More Pantry Storage (23 photos)

Planning a dream kitchen and facing reality can be two different things. In a perfect world we could have endless pantry storage at our fingertips, but sometimes fitting a pantry into the kitchen (or elsewhere in the home) takes some compromising — or at least a little creativity. Here’s a wide range...

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How to Care for Engineered Wood Flooring (6 photos)

Strong, durable and often less expensive than solid wood, engineered wood flooring has been a staple in our homes for quite a while. To help you keep yours in tip-top condition, three experts share their advice on installation, protection, cleaning and repair.

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Bathroom of the Week: Serene, Light-Filled Retreat (6 photos)

Interior designer Eva LaRocque is usually involved in a project from the beginning. But in this case, a couple’s renovation was plagued with one disaster after another. After hearing about their plight, LaRocque swooped in to save the day after demolition was complete. The homeowners, parents of two...

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