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Community Enhancement Fee

Community Enhancement Fee

December 13, 2017

What is a Community Enhancement Fee (CEF)? Known by different names, such as a private transfer fee, community transfer tax and similar sounding names, a CEF is a fee paid at closing when certain homeowners sell their home. The CEF is often fou...

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Watch the Water Pressure in Your Home

Main-water-shutoff ball valve

Homeowner Tip: According to home inspectors our home buyers use, the average San Diego home’s water pressure should be between 60-70 p.s.i (pounds per square inch) and should not exceed 80 p.s.i. Water pressure that exceeds 80 p.s.i. can dama...

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Are Mortgage Interest Rates Rising? 3/16/13

Rising Mortgage Interest Rates

Mortgage Interest Rates Continuing to Rise Slightly Due to Improved Unemployment Rates The national unemployment rate recently dropped from 7.9% to 7.7%. More people are being hired which helps boost the economy. All good news for sure. ...

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Paseo One Development – Update on the Space Usage

paseo one

Carmel Valley, SD – Update on the Paseo One development on the corner of Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real. The development plans have been scaled down with more open and community spaces being added. Check out this short UT-SD arti...

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Cambria, Carmel Valley, San Diego

Cambria Del Mar Highlands

What's happening in the Cambria townhome-condo complex is Carmel Valley these days? First, the basics: Cambria is a townhome-condominium complex located on Tiverton Road in Carmel Valley, San Diego. It is situated just north of Del Ma...

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“Option Areas” for Del Mar Union Schools?

Map of Carmel Valley and the Del Mar Union School District

The Del Mar Union school district is considering allowing families to choose between 2 schools instead of being assigned only 1 school based on the location of the family’s residence. A school board committee laid out the proposed plan at a ...

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